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Origin story

Well there was a lot of blood, a hole in the ground and some bodies dumped in it. Yeah, probably best if you didn't know how our group came to be...

Who are the omnipresent beings guiding you through the website?

That would be us SL33TBL1ND and the Pacifistic Terminator, a teenage games enthusiast and a shifty salesman in a white tuxedo, you can view our steam profiles at:


and http://steamcommunity.com/id/SL33TBL1ND

or our giantbomb pages at


and http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/sl33tbl1nd/

Who are we?

SL33TBL1ND is a dedicated (some may even say hardcore) gamer on his PC and PS3 after going through a lot of PS2's and 1's. His critical eye keeps Terminator's optimism in check! His skills in Unreal Tournamant 2004 are renowned among his friends. I now have my Uber Computer making me power user of TEM, now I just need some better internets and I'll be all good.

Specs are:

  • i7 950 3.07 ghz
  • 6gb RAM
  • 2 x 1tb HDD
  • P6T Deluxe V2 Motherboard
  • Antec 900II Gaming Case (5 fans bitch!)
  • Nvidia Geforce GTX 295
  • 23" Acer LCD moniter
  • Random Logitech mouse
  • Shit standard microsoft keyboard (buying a zbaord soon)
  • Terrible soundmax HD audio
  • Vista 64 bit *shudder*

Contact at: sl33tbl1nd@tem.1colony.com

Pacifistic Terminator is a more casual gamer with his PC, he recently bought a high-end one and laughs in the face of high pings! More accepting than SL33T, he never reviews a game he doesn't like as it is to negative an experience for him.

Contact at: pacifisto@tem.1colony.com

We've decided to ditch the whole, "rotating guest" thing in favour of whoever we can round up at the time. So I'll just list all our guest hosts here.

Agent G: Our "quick to hate, hard to persuade otherwise" guy. Though he is pro medic in TF2, like House!

Contact at: agentg@tem.1colony.com

JakXT: Our resident scary guy. L33T at Rythm Heaven and also our foremost Halo player. Race: Sub-Human. Class: Random Fruit Ranger.

Contact at: JakXT@tem.1colony.com

Pickles the Spy/Mostly Harmless/Selby: Scary but in a more 4chan /B/ sort of way. Pro TF2 player and likes wasting his time playing EVE.

Contact at: deals_in_absolutes@tem.1colony.com

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