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What is TEM?

It's a group me and my friends started a couple of years ago for young gamers and game designers alike.

We've recently expanded the group into a full fledged gaming clan and we'll soon have our own servers.


Upcoming/Previous Events

In Future upcoming events will be listed here as well as the results of previous events.

13th August-

Temcast TF2 mashup is now available on the blog page


28th August-

Im currently running a blog as well as a game design project that comes in 5 parts,

1.Warcraft 3 map pack

2.Visual Basic Adventure RPG

3.Neverwinter Nights module-in pre-production

4.Game Maker 2D game-coming soon

5 .FPS creator-coming soon


Blog is available here. http://honestdelegates.blogspot.com/

All of the files listed above can be found at the usual spot of http://mediafire.com/tem

-check em out and give feedback



26th August -

The 7th Temcast is up on the blog page

12th August-

The 6th TEMcast is done, download it from the blog page as usual.


31st July-

 Temcast 5 is finished, pick it up on the blog page.


29th July-

We'll be recording the next TEMcast on this date.


15th July-

Me and SL33T had a game of Tetris (technically its Tetron I guess) and yours truly won,

for those using Tetron here's the replay: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jjj2gzqbniy

You will require Tetron to view the replay.

Tetron can be found and downloaded here if you're intrested.



 11th July-

Well we actually did the podcast a bit early so you can pick it up on the blog page.

 Pacifistic Terminator


 7th July-

TEMCast 3 available on the blog page.

 Pacifistic Terminator


21st June

TEMcast 2-

Our second podcast is up, download it at the blog page.


There is no truth, only words.


5th  June:


Our Official Podcast debuts featuring Pacifistic Terminator, SL33TBL1ND and a rotating third guest. Don't miss it! Well actually you can't because it isn't live but SHUT UP!

TEMcast 1 is now up, you can download it at the blog page.


There is no truth, only words.

Latest Site update

Added more info to the About page.

Want to join TEM?

Do you want to join the pheonomenon known as TEM?

Of course you do, to do so visit our steam page and contact either SL33TBL1ND or Pacifistic Terminator and have a chat to see if youre the kind of gamer were looking for in TEM.

 Speaking of which the criteria for TEM members is this-

1-Have a universal passion for gaming.

2-No fanboys please!

3-Casual gamers are welcome, you don't have to be hardcore to join.

4-We would prefer that you get a mic, its not necessary but it does help.

5-At least some nerdiness is required, SL33T will cover this with a couple of questions.

6-Finally, just be a nice person. We don't want assholes in our clan.

Feedback/Constructive criticism

If you enjoy playing with members of TEM, listening to the TEM podcast or just have a good idea for us please send all constructive criticism to the below address.